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What's new on the HRO web site?
  • RETIREMENT TRAINING - The HRO will be hosting four one-day training sessions on 16-19 Sep 14 for Technician employees covered under the FERS retirement system.  A representative from ABC-C will be conducting the training.  16 and 17 SEPT 14 the training will be held at the 162nd WG in the base auditorium and 18 and 19 SEPT 14 the training will be held in the downstairs classroom of the Personnel Readiness Center at PPMR in Phoenix.  Employees only need to attend the training for one day; the same training will be presented each day.  Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend the training as well.  To register, please complete the REGISTRATION FORM and submit via email.  The deadline for registration is 10 SEPTEMBER 2014.

  • EMPLOYEE MANAGER PORTAL TRAINING - NG-J1-TNH will be hosting an Information/Training Session to provide a preview of the Employee Manager Portal.  The Employee Manager Portal is a DoD initiative to replace My Biz / My Workplace .  The DCO will be held on every Thursday from 12 Jun 2014 to 07 Aug 2014 at 09:00 EST and 15:00 EST.  The traget audience will be anyone with access to My Biz  /My Workplace. 

  • GENERAL SCHEDULE PAY SCALES - The updated General Schedule (GS) pay scales have been posted for the Phoenix area and the Rest of US (RUS).  The increase will be effective with pay period beginning 12 January 2014.

  • NEWLY HIRED TECHNICIANS - All newly hired Technicians will attend New Hire Orientation at HRO on the first Monday following their start date.

  • STATEWIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS - Effectively immediately, all Army/Air; AGR/Technician; Officer/Enlisted job announcements will be advertised Statewide unless specified Nationwide.

  • HRO HOURS - The core hours of the HRO are 0700-1530 each day. The HRO will be closed every other Monday beginning 6 January 2014 and the following Mondays throughout the remainder of 2014:   20 JAN,   3 &17 FEB,   3, 17 & 31 MAR,   14 & 28 APR,  12 & 26 MAY,   9 & 23 JUN,   7 & 21 JUL,   4 & 18 AUG,   1, 15 & 29 SEP,   13 & 27 OCT,   10 & 24 NOV,   8 & 22 DEC.  We will also be closed all Federal holidays.

  • AFFORDABLE CARE ACT - To assist federal employees with the Affordable Care Act, please read the FEHB FAST FACTS and the FEHB LETTER to better understand your benefits.  For additional information, please visit the OPM insurance web site.

  • ALTERNATIVE WORK SCHEDULES - DEMA Directive 20.12, Alternative Work Schedules, has been published and is now available on the web site.

  • ACT CHAP 61 OFFICERS & STEWARDS - An updated listing of the ARNG ACT Chapter 61 Officers and Stewards has been posted to the web site.

  • SAME SEX MARRIAGE BENEFITS - On 26 June 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional.  As a result, we will now be able to extend benefits to Federal employees and annuitants who have legally married a spouse of the same sex. 

    Employees and annuitants will have 60 days from 26 June 2013 to 26 August 2013 to make immediate changes to their curent health, life, dental/vision, long-term care enrollment, Retirement and Flexible Spending Accounts.  Enrollees will continue to be eligible to make changes to their coverage options during the Open Season later this year. 

    Current employees must provide a certified copy of their marital certificate, from a state that recognizes same sex marriage to the HRO.  Currently, EBIS will not process same sex benefits enrollments and employees must call ABC-C at 1-877-276-9287, request "Option 3" to speak with a National Guard counselor.  Annuitants (retirees) must request their benefits elections through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). 

    UPDATE:  OPM has provided notice of a two-year opportunity for annuitants who are in legal same-sex marriages to elect survivor annuities for their spouse under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and the Federal Employees' Retirement System (FERS).  This opportunity will expire on 26 June 2015.  Additional information can be found here.

    The MEMO from OPM has additional information.  Please call 602-629-4834 / 4806 for additional information and questions.

  • MyBiz Employment Verification Tool - Instructions provided for the Self-Service tool that allows employees to submit employment information to an external organization (business, bank) directly from DCPDS and sent via secure internet.  Employees have complete control of who receives this information.



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