Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP)

The purpose of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) is to provide information, services, referral, and outreach opportunities for Service Members, Families, Youth and Children throughout each unit's deployment cycle. Six events are held for Service Members and their Families to obtain all of the available resources.

What to expect: 

The YRRP will connect Service Members and their Families with a wide range of resources and provide on-site counseling and referral, if requested. Presentation topics will include communication skills, changes in benefits, financial management, 4 Lenses/personality assessment, marriage skills, and resilience training. The event provides a great opportunity to connect with community partners and subject matter experts who can offer assistance throughout the deployment cycle. Also, Families will have the chance to connect and build a support system.

Please register at the Yellowribbon Events website or by calling the Yellow Ribbon Program at (602) 267-2605

Below is a chart demonstrating the pre, during and post-deployment overview of information that may be at YRRP events.

YRRP Overview:

Given the challenges that can come with post-deployment, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and resources that will help you successfully navigate through this time of reintegration. Throughout the day you will have opportunities to learn about services and benefits available to you via community and government agencies such as the YMCA, TRICARE, Family Programs, Vet Centers, VA Healthcare and many more.

Subject matter experts, including Military Family Life Consultants, Department of Psychological Health, and chaplains, will speak on such topics as family strengthening, ways to support a single or married Service Member, crisis response, and homecoming and reunion. Youth will also be participating in fun activities such as team building, leadership, and reintegration skills.

Military Family Life Consultants are also available for anonymous off-the-record support at anytime during the event.