What is Elder Abuse?

It's very hard to tell someone that your son, daughter, or spouse is hurting or neglecting you. It may be nearly impossible for you to believe. Every year in Arizona, the Department of Economic Security, Division of Aging and Adult Services,  receives thousands of reports alleging that a vulnerable adult (18 years of age and older) has been injured, exploited, neglected, or mistreated by someone they love or depend on for care and protection. The most common of these allegations involve self-neglect situations where the adult’s safety or well-being is being compromised by their inability to take care of their basic needs, their medical needs, their finances, their home environment,  or their personal hygiene. In other cases, vulnerable adults may be the victims of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. If you feel isolated in your home or often fearful about what might happen to you, please call the Adult Protective Services Adult Abuse Hotline at 1-877-767-2385.

If you're not ready to call, here are some questions that might help you decide whether you need some support and assistance.

  • Do you feel threatened? Do family members or caretakers pressure you into doing, or giving them, what they want by making you feel guilty or through physical force?
  • Are your basic needs taken care of? Are you helped with meals and hygiene regularly and on time?
  • Are you denied medical care? Do family members or caretakers refuse to take you to doctor's appointments? Do you have the medicines you need, or are your caretakers using or selling your medications?
  • Does anyone consistently ridicule you, what you think, or what you say?
  • Do you often feel degraded, put down, or humiliated by a family member or caregiver?
  • Are you kept from seeing friends or other family members? Do you often wish someone besides your caregiver would visit you?
  • Do you have reason to believe money or possessions are being stolen from you, or that your bank accounts have been taken out of your control?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, it might help to talk to someone about what's going on.

If you are experiencing elder abuse, please call the APS hotline:


More Information and Contacts:

For additional program information, please contact:

Faustina Dannenfelser, APS Administrator

Mario Gonzalez, APS Operations Manager

Arizona Department of Economic Security
Division of Aging and Adult Services
Adult Protective Services
1789 West Jefferson Street (950A)
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-4446
(602) 542-6575

You may also contact the following APS District Offices for general APS information:

1789 W. Jefferson St, 2nd floor (950A)
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
(602) 542-5978
(602) 542-5911

3131 N. Country Club Rd, Suite 206
Tucson, Arizona 85716
(520) 881-4066
(520) 881-8232

397 Malpais Lane, Suite 11
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(928) 213-3590
(928) 779-2269

1185 S. Redondo Center Ave.
Yuma, Arizona 85364
(928) 247-8617
(928) 343-0232

605 S. 7th Street
Globe, Arizona 85501
(928) 425-3101
(928) 425-7950

1938 Thatcher Boulevard
Safford, Arizona 85546
(928) 428-7702
(928) 428-6578